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Default What should I do, I feel stuck.

I started a thread in the blog section, although I did get some feedback there I'd like to post it here as well since here all the talking really happen.
This is my post if anyone is interested..

But if you don't feel like reading I will sum it up in a few words:
I ave a boyfriend of five and a half years and we are going to be married in a few months. A while a go we met a girl who we invited to play with us (she is a lesbian bt, doesn't matter no but might later) but she happened to be way to amazing... i'd like her to be a part of my life, a girlfriend maybe? I cant bring it up to him because of my anxiety, but trying someho to push him into these kind of conversations... hoping to move things from there?

So since I decided (not very willingly because of my anxiety who controls me most of the time) to let things go slowly abnd not push them, it feels like I go in circles. One step forward, two backwards.

Is there anyone who were in this kind of situation?
I can't put my life on hold untill I figure out my anxiety, I don't kno what to do
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