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Default "Do you feel animals are more important than humans?"

I saw this question whilst I was browsing through OKC, and it caught my attention.

"Do you feel animals are more important than humans?"

I feel I have a great connection with animals that I just can't get with most people. There are a lot of people in my life that I really love and enjoy being with, but it's a difficult question for me to answer still.

I think if I were forced to make a decision; a theoritical decision, of course; I think I would choose animals over humans.

I've been brought up with animals all my life. I don't remember any great moments when I haven't had a pet. Something like 3 dogs, 4 cats [of which I have one now], a whole mass of cockatiels, often named amusing food items [Beans, Toast, Jam... etc - My father had a great sense of humour!].

Even pets that weren't mine, I've often been able to get along with easily. The only time I easily get that with people, are around those tiny human infants. =P It's as if once most people grow up, they turn into arseholes.

I'm very happy that there are a good few that don't seem to follow that, but I still think the animals win me over.

Then there's always the whole argument about us being animals ourselves... But that's a topic for a different thread.

How about you? Where do animals fit in your life? Where do they come in comparison to the people in your life?
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