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nothing in the past five months, in our relationship, has included any of the bad choices i have mentioned. these choices are in the past from other relationships, and in the relationships of those around me. my partner has been totally awesome and honest with me and i don't want to make it seem any other way. the community i'm referring to is specifically a generally pretty young (early 20's) anarchist punk community. it is highly focused on sex, though sex is not the only thing involved in the relationships i am discussing. in this community there is a very "pro-sex" approach/attitude though. wanting to embrace peoples desires and needs. which i also support. i just support good decision making above satisfying desires. my partner is not trying to drop into a bunch of promiscuous activity, but wants the ability to develop other romantic relationships should they arise. we do not live together, but do sleep together almost every night. i don't plan on sitting around doing nothing while my partner is out and about, but i worry about it happening and how it would make me feel. i've gotten myself real invested in this person, maybe too much, and am not sure how to develop a level of comfort around them potentially having other romantic relationships. there is a lot of discussion and negotiation going on right now, far from being set in any stone, but i do not know quite where my comfort lies. i do not deny that many of these same issues exist in monogamy. not at all. however, my monogamous relationships, and most of those around me, have not involved anywhere near as much interpersonal drama as the polyamorous relationships of the people i know. there is still a lot of difficulty in the monogamy i have known, but not nearly as much mess.

also, just for clarification. my partner is female but tends to prefer the pronoun they (non-genderned), and i consider myself male (though not terribly so). definitely not waiting for my boyfriend to take care of me.

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