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I think I'm going to start using "New Situation Energy" instead of "New Relationship Energy" because yes, I do feel it outside of relationships and friendships, whether it's a new (to me!) car or a career change or what-have-you.

TGIB and I have been trying to figure out if we're still in NRE (oops, I mean NSE! :P) or not. We do enjoy spending an AWFUL lot of time together, and since we are currently a LDR it makes sense that NSE could still be affecting us. (15+ months dating total, but only 5 months since making a commitment to each other that we're in this for better or for worse.)

Whether we are affected by NSE right now or not, I'm pretty sure we will be when he moves out here in June. It will be a new situation AND a new relationship as we figure out what is the same from our LDR and what has changed being around each other every day. In some ways, as excited as I am to have him here and to watch him create the life he wants, I'm even MORE excited for the chance to be completely over/out of NSE with him. I want so much to have that comfortable, "yes, I love you but I don't have to satisfy my craving RIGHT NOW because we have all the time in the world" feeling.
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