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Its hard to grasp what's going on at your end, but this is what it loolks like for me any way. The community around you seems like a free for all. It sounds really unhealthy and the people in it sound self centered and rather like they bully people into being poly and openly sexual with the arguements they chose. It concerns me that it also seems very rushed in terms of getting going into diving into the sex pool rather than exploring and educating first. I'm glad you have come here rather than entirely listening and accepting everything you have seen and heard at face value.

I suggest you and your partner do a search here in the tags for "mono/poly" its a large part of what we have talked about here. Mostly because mono and poly people seem to speak different languages. Both are valid and need respecting I think. Good luck.

Oh ya. Please go back and put some spaces into your post before your 12 hour edit time is up. Your post is hard to read and people generally don't bother reading walls of text. Thanks.
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