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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Certainly, how satisfying this can be for the OP will depend on how involved he wants to be in the rest of her life.

....I think you've made her the center of your world, and you would benefit from dating others again.
I only mentioned that because I got the sense that's the level of inclusion he might be after in her life, although he doesn't come out and say it upon re-reading everything. I could be way off base on that, though.

I like the second suggestion if only because it's a bit of perspective and it might prevent the OP from worrying this relationship into a very bad, bad place. Also, you might pick a friend you can trust to be understanding but discrete (if that's a concern for you) and use them as a sounding board. When you're caught up in a situation, someone who can help pull the emergency brake on some potentially damaging decisions is a godsend.
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