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Originally Posted by Megziebaby216 View Post
Thank you all! I am going to hold a family meeting tonight. my husband is already in an attitude because of it...

Originally Posted by AutumnalTone View Post
It very much does involve you. Any child he fathers places a legal and financial obligation on him that will affect you quite a bit. It will affect your scheduling and household budget.
And where you live and how much you get out of his paycheck if she decides to leave and sue for child support.

Originally Posted by Anneintherain View Post
And I hate to say it, but when I think about adults who are getting pregnant at 3 months into dating, I think of the people I see on daytime court TV show looking foolish because they made rash decisions and ended up in a mess. I figure if the situation I am in can be on a trashy tv show to titillate the audience, perhaps I'd better slow down and think things through, and what you guys are rushing into seems like it could easily do that.
I think that ship has sailed. I'm going to be blunt here - are you doing this triad just to show the world? If so, that might not be the healthiest reason.

Also, what is it with some of the newly disclosed MFFs on here sounding more like the building blocks of cults?

Good luck with your family meeting. Here's hoping the three of you sitting down gets a much-needed conversation started before anything adverse happens.
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