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Default Poly Dating

In the past I've made something of an ass of myself. This is nothing new for me, of course, but it had the potential of seriously hurting friendships that I'd rather not put on the line. At the time, I was still kind of getting my feet under me, and wrapping my brain around being poly.

I had already had a triad with my wife and a mutual friend, but we decided to cut if off after a month. It was obvious to us that our friend was still hung up on an old boyfriend and that she really wasn't looking for anything more than a fling with us. It was fun at first, but after the initial excitement left, there just wasn't any chemistry to back it up. We parted ways amicably, but the result left me of the opinion that we had rushed into our first poly experiment.

Don't get me wrong, we're still poly, and we found the whole experience generally positive. However, we decided that in the future we should definitely get to know anyone before we really get involved.

Anyone else have a similar experience? Think our clever plan will work?

Since that decision, I've asked out a couple female friends of ours--thinking that I'd get to know them a bit better. They... took it reasonably well, but given their reactions you'd have thought they didn't listen when I explained my being poly. Very embarrassing: currently batting 0.000.
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