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Yep, those damn conversations have to happen!

I find it unusual that you have not met her other partner yet though at a year. If there isn't the excuse of being long distance, really I think meeting him would be a requirement for me before even knowing if a co-primary relationship with her is a viable option. I know it may be more awkward because SO much time has gone by, but it is probably time. If she is too nervous to facilitate it, maybe start an email conversation with him and meet him on your own. I am sure you know by now if you and he have any common hobbies. Meet for a beer, a board or sports game, whatever, and just get to know each other a bit.

edit: I would never date somebody who would not "let" me meet their other partners. Have you met their mutual friends? Any family? If he does not want to meet that is one thing. Nevertheless I don't see that it would be very workable to have co-primaries that did not enjoy each others company or at least tolerate spending mutual time together sometimes. I am sure others here who actually HAVE co-primaries have more useful advice on that though.
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