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Getting VERY excited about Portland! Had an amazing dinner with one of the families that I have been babysitting for last night, and they are pretty certain they are going to come visit this summer. My aunt and uncle plan to visit as soon as we're settled (like, literally as soon as we give them the okay they are getting on the train lol). Keith's brother in law is also planning on visiting sometime when there is a good hunting/fishing season within the year. I think it's going to be awesome, assuming I can make new friends quickly.

Glad that Keith's parents, sister, and my cousin are coming to help us load up the last of the stuff and just hang out for a while on Saturday.

Grateful that my sister and her husband are letting us stay in their guest room for 2 nights before we leave and that my brother in law was amazing enough to offer to drive us to the train station at 5am.

Sad that I may not get to see my parents again before we leave, but hopeful they will be able to make it here Sunday evening for a brief visit at least.

Kind of pissed that Fiona only offers to come over when she would have to bring her kid. A 2 year old is not conducive to packing/hardcore cleaning and I have some rather inappropriate things just laying around until I decide their fate, and she gets frustrated with me for telling her not to come. Blah!

Nervous about all the stuff I still need to get done (finishing packing and cleaning)... Maybe I should get off of the computer and get to work!

But, mostly excited! I'm trying to focus on that part.

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