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Yes, the OP used the term correctly, but RP was well within her right to point out that the word is a trigger for her and why.

RP- I think you did a good job of expressing that w/o attacking the OP.

Jane - Congrats on saying the "L-word". My boyfriend and I don't say it often, in part because we said it so much in the beginning it made his wife uncomfortable. That doesn't mean that we don't feel it. It just makes it feel even more special to me when he does say it.

Example, last week when I drove him home it was snowing pretty badly and when we pulled into his driveway he thought he heard a sound that concerned him. So when we were talking on Skype on Friday he was all worried about my car, wanted to make sure I put more oil in it before driving it, etc. Because he wanted me to be safe and not have my engine damaged. (having my car back means we can see each other more frequently). When I assured him I would he said "good" and sent me a heart. (which is for us = the L word)
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