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Sore but good. Saturday we spent the day with our LARP friends crafting; my back is paying for it, but we exceeded our goal and had alot of fun.

Saturday night was our local poly meet up. There were 6 of us, including the woman Runic Wolf recently started dating and her husband. The food was delicious and the conversation was good. . . . these people are my kind of geek.

Runic Wolf isn't sure when a person goes from someone they're seeing to a girlfriend, but for the purposes of this next part I'm just going to call her his girlfriend.

After dinner, we were invited over to Runic Wolf's girlfriend's place for drinks. We met her kids and sisters and ended up talking the whole night. We got home sometime around noon yesterday. Now we're talking about a play date for our kids to play Skylanders.

Today the kids went back to school, so I am finally getting some much needed boyfriend time this afternoon. I can't wait.
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