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Originally Posted by InfinitePossibility View Post
Seriously, though. More so than before all the dealing with illness and death that has been going on in my life in the past year or so, I'm feeling like those little voices are stronger than before.

I thought they had gone away and it's quite surprising to have them back again.
This is what I have learned. The human mind is like a radio - we can easily pick up the thoughts and energies of other people, like radio frequencies. Most of the thoughts that pass through are not our own, in fact. For example, when we're around someone who is worried about their finances or tax bill, we suddenly find ourselves worrying about money, taxes, stability, and similar issues, even if we know those worries do not apply to our situation. They don't have to tell us what they're worried about for us to pick it up. Those thoughts can insinuate themselves in the collective unconscious as well - here in the US, everyone is stressed around April 15 (tax day) even if they did their tax return properly and have nothing to be concerned about. They say that it's easier to finish crossword puzzles in the daily paper if you start them later in the day, because the answers come much more quickly after many other people have already completed them.

Some people know themselves and their own thought processes very well and are able to discern better which of those thoughts are not self-originated - we call those people psychic, but we all have that ability. The way to tell whether or not it is your own thought process is to be very familiar with yourself, what you want in life, and how you tend to think. Awareness is key. And being willing to question those voices and discover for yourself what you really want in your heart of hearts is also key.

It makes sense that when you have been spending a great amount of time with family, and emotions are heightened, that the voices seem "louder" or more strident. Same DNA, learned patterns, etc. You sound like you have a good amount of self-awareness. The death of a loved one shakes people up, it might be a while before those voices quiet down. Well, in actuality, oftentimes some of those voices never go away and just become like static in the background - you're aware of them but know you don't need to pay credence to them, and eventually they don't bother you anymore.

My condolences for the death of your father.
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