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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
I can't shake the retard thing (yes I realize its a figure of speech, one that should never of become popular, but there ya go, people like to turn hurtful words into something popular). Sorry, I just find that the people I work with that actually are disabled are the quickest to say "I love you" and show it.... I think its us "normal" people that struggle the most... we have so much to learn by getting our heads out of our asses and really seeing how we fuck up our own humanness because of programming. Gah, I think I have worked at my profession for too long.

My wording would of been more along the lines of "Seriously, I am emotionally 'normal.'"

Congrats on breaking free and saying how you feel.
Actually in this case it was used properly. Read the phrase literally. She is emotionally slow and it typically takes her a long time to fall in love. Retard is the same as gay. They're both words with innocent meanings that we're used negatively and because we live in a big PR sensitive world we can't use words that were previously acceptable for their true meanings because someone might think we are using it as slang.
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