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I have a ton of red flags here that make me anxious about the stability of this situation.
  1. moving her in after you just met
  2. the secrecy and planning behind your back
  3. having a baby with someone you just met
  4. past trust issues that can be easily triggered
  5. having an anxiety disorder
  6. buying rings and committing after a couple of monthes

I suggest slowing down, I wouldn't of moved her in this fast and laying some boundaries out there that MAKE SENSE. Geesh, this thing will implode the way you are going as far as I can see. I haven't known one single triad that has worked the way you are all going about this and I have been here a good long time and poly for longer... have you done any researching here to see what others have gone through? Try a tag search for threads such as "triads" "triad" "cohabitation" "pace" "pacing" ?Hope you find something that gives you some ideas to go on.
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