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I know Mono-that's why I copy/pasted the definition. It does include the fidelity definition. I just wanted to know what the fuller meaning of the word was when NOT in relationship context to see if that was even close to what I understood it to be (which it was).

I guess the whole concept for me is in question-because I TOTALLY respect people who ARE monogomous.

I just know that for me-that in't something I need from someone.

All of the 10 years we've been married this has been an ongoing topic (and often contention). People say things like "if my_____ ever slept with another person I'd..... " and they are always dumbfounded because I shrug. They usually ask me what that means and I elaborate-EVEN if Maca had cheated on me-I wouldn't have left. It would hurt. I know that well-been cheated on, and I've cheated, but I just don't prioritize who my partner has sex with above the rest of our lives.

I know OTHER people do-and that's ok. I just don't, never did. I used to tell Maca,if you f*** someone else just use protection, don't bring home unwanted "presents" and don't make babies unnecessarily because you have a family to care for already. He would gawk at me dumbfounded and defensive before flying through the "I would NEVER..." list. Well it's ok if he doesn't, but I would never leave him anyway. I love HIM-not his penis (ok I do love that too, but that's a whole other topic)
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