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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
That's sort of my pondering Ceoli-I think we've changed the word fidelity to mean ONLY one thing within the context of a relationship. But was that really it's TRUE meaning?

I don't think so.
Actually I think it is. The root of the word is faith. The original meaning of faith had more to do with an adherence to a covenant. In religious terms that adherence eventually meant exclusive because in the Judeo-Christian history, the covenant the people made with god included not worshiping other gods.

In terms of marriage, it meant adherence to the promises made, which for a time (and it should be noted that it wasn't always) required exclusivity as well.

So if a partner is adhering to their covenant with their partner or partners and that covenant includes being open, then the word applies. I personally would like to take that word back.
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