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Unhappy Newbie needing advice ASAP....

Hello all, this is a great website! I am in a polyamorous triad ( MFF ). I am a bisexual female. My husband and I have been married for 6 years now and have had great times together and 3 children. he has always been suportive of my sexuality. We attempted a triad with a good friend of mine about 2 years ago. we were in a bad place. and my trust was broken when my request that they use protection went ignored. Long story short, a lot of trust building and repairing happened. he had gotten her pregnant and she misscarried. We decided to try again in october with a different woman. she tried to take him behind my back and we stood strong . Met our current girlfriend in december and i love her so much. everything is great. the family dynamic works great, sexual and romantic chemistry is great. she moved in and we reccently purchased another vehicle large enough to transport our large family. We also picked out a ring to show her how special she is and that shes more than just a mere plaything. I am madly in love within my triad. we have come out to close family and friends. We all have alone time together and triad dates as well ( which i must admit is funny to watch peoples reactions). I am nervous though. My husband has discussed his desire to have a child with her. ( which I am okay with, in time.) We are newly joined so this makes me nervous. My girlfriend has not mentioned this to me. when asked she says not in the near future. But her conversations with my hubby says different. Its all they seem to talk about it. They know i am clearly nervous ( I have an anxiety disorder) and everytime i think about it i get sick. Im not jealous of them at all, i honestly dont know my reasoning behind feeling this way other than its being so soon after beginning dating. i dont like them talking about getting pregnant behind my back, saying that they should schedual their dates around her ovulation schedual, and that they should have unprotected sex while i am sleeping. how do i approach this? I want open communication. my gf knows i think its too soon but i havent gone into details with her. husband knows how i feel, and gets angry. he calls me controlling and says i shouldnt have a say where it doesnt involve me.......whats a girl to do? i need them both in my life. where this is the only problem we have approached so far where we arent on the same front......I mean.....sacrifice my happiness so the ones i love wont be upset and resent me? Man, this is hard! ----Thank you ahead of time for reading and listening <3
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