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I frequently feel that way too. I remember my mom telling me (and I'm so grateful she did) about feeling that way. She would have dreams that she was walking to high school ~ her high school was on the other side of the river, and in those days girls were not permitted to wear pants, and she had to cross a nasty breezy bridge in the winter ~ and she'd be thinking, 'I shouldn't be here, I need to take care of my baby.

But she also mentioned that sometimes she'd be driving around with me in the car, and she'd think, 'what am I doing? I'm not old enough to be driving and taking care of a kid!'

My other favorite take on that feeling is from Heinlein. In _Stranger In A Strange Land_, he describes a statue of an old woman. Jubal is explaining to Michael (I think ~ he's explaining to someone) that anyone can make a statue of an old woman, but it takes a brilliant artist to show us an old woman while making us see the beautiful 16 year old inside.
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