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Default Does my username say it all?

I'm female, recently escaped from a lengthy marriage, the result of xh's infidelity. I was suprised (shocked? stunned? head still spinning?) when a married man, a long-time friend and colleague, asked me out several months after the divorce was final, saying it was to meet about business, even though he joked that it was also a date.

I met him really thinking it was business. If I've ever known anyone who's in an open marriage or polyamorous (not even sure what the difference is or which he and hiw wife are), they haven't told me. So such a thing was not even on my radar.

I've gone out with him a few times. There's been some kissing, hugging, but no sex. I enjoy our time together, but am really struggling with questions of what this means to him, and what I really want. In a way, it suits me quite well, as I'm quite happy with my own single life, and in no rush at all to have a boyfriend or new romance.

But I have a lot of questions and concerns about where this is going, about what I really want, concerns about suddenly wanting more than he's able to give, and, ironically, even concerns about him getting too emotionally attached. But then, this is a new world to me. I feel very lost and confused about the situation and my own emotions, something I rarely feel in life, and am just here reading and looking for understanding.
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