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Hah, yeah. Wedding ring shopping is on hold until we work this out.

I guess the issue of free time is a hard one to address. I mentioned it briefly, but we're both university students; to be more specific, on different campuses. We're graduating this summer, and moving in together shortly thereafter. We have lived together before, but this will be our first time sort of standing on our own feet, financially or otherwise.

Point being, I'm in "Holy crap, graduating in a couple of months!" mode right now, and we're not spending more than an evening together a week, at best. Sure it's not great, but the idea was that we could stomach being apart a little longer, because graduation was so close.

So now, I don't really know what time we'll have together, just by virtue of the fact that our schedules are going to change quite drastically by six months time.

Actually, the housing thing is another issue, too. We met someone ('D') online and became pretty good friends with him; very good friends with him, actually. D's international, and visiting the states this fall, with the intent of moving in with us shortly thereafter as a room mate. Buuuut, while she and I talked at great length about these portions of the visit, she'd neglected to mention that she'd also developed feelings for D. Rather than broach her romantic interest with me, it wasn't until I finally caught snippets of her twitter posts talking about D when I confronted her about him. She told me that she had no immediate plans to tell me about her interest-- that maybe "after he left from his visit," or "after he moved in" might be an opportune time.

It kind of alarmed me.
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