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Default Love the Different Styles of How People Frame Their Love.

The thing I like about this board is how many perspectives there are on poly - how everyone makes it work for them, and what makes everyone happy. makes me feel like we too will find what works for us, and what is right for us.

rory: there's definitely no abuse happening in my sis/partner's relationship for sure, so doncha worry 'bout them, they're doin' awesome, and have happy fulfilling lives. other than that, i can't speak too candidly about their relationship, because... well.... it's their relationship.

phy: sweet - can't wait to read more of your story - thanks for the link!

mags: you know me mags, i'll always have a pair o' pompoms waving for you/r relationships, you fuckin' rock, and that's that. i respect yer opinions a lot, and enjoyed reading your experiences, and value your perspective. a lots.

i really appreciate, and value the advice that they gave me, and sharing that they did with me - it talked me off a bit of a ledge relationship wise after some pretty trying/traumatic times - now all we can do is figure out what fits into our life, and doesn't, and more forward. and just so y'all know, those agreements were posed to us as advice for our situation, so some of it are their agreements, and some of them are suggestions directed towards our situation - a combo of wisdom/advice/suggestions and ideas from some long time seasons poly peeps. there's always value in listening to other people's ways of being, and for me, especially from people who live and breathe/practice what they preach!

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