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Default Not quite out in the open.

I have visited here often out of curiousity. So now I am saying 'hello' but still from behind a veil. That is just my need for privacy whilst I consider my path. I find this forum one of the most respectful I have read online. And that is not particularly relationship forums, I mean business forums, interest groups. People can be so angry and ill-mannered!
I am in my mid-40's but feel like a girl in a woman's body. I read your thread about 'cougars' and was shocked to find that I fit into the age bracket of 'older women'. When did that happen?!
I am single, possibly otherwise involved, we are in a pause and an exploration of what we both truly need. Life, the needs of others', work, time. It is not so uncomplicated as one might wish being a 'grown-up'.
So, I think that is me, for now.
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