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Default Clarity is a Gift.

That girl: Sorry, didn't see yer second post before mine went up - must have slipped in under ze wire while i was pounding the keys on my end with my response.

You say, "I'm probably seeing the more positive aspects because those speak to the way I "practice" poly, while others might see the negative sides more because of their own experiences."

With that kind of self awareness, i think you're on the fast track to happy no matter what you decide to do in your life. knowing yourself/the human condition like that is admirable.

All i can really say is that it's all so frickin' interesting to me, and i have a whole new respect for elemental and the incredible power inside of our relationship. I feel like we've walked through fire, and are coming out the other side, a little singed with some fucked up hair maybe, but still holding hands, in love, committed and solid. When you find someone who still makes you swoon after five years, you gotta thank yer lucky stars. Would make a billion agreements to respect that connection if needed, but i think we'll jes' settle on a few, and find someone who those work for too in a few months, and shelve that ideal/idea of a poly fi triad away for a good long time LOL.
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