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Originally Posted by nllswing View Post
It doesn't matter how one calls it. Just like in the rest of life - the subject matter gives meaning to the words, not the other way around.
Amen to that.

Just from a pure definition, a central partner seems to me like the hub of a wagon wheel to which all other partners are attached.

We're not out to anyone, so, in our world, friend, boyfriend, roommate, my idiots, etc. serve us just fine.

And how you treat people really speaks more than words ever could. Right now, E (who would be considered a secondary) is struggling because I've been working a lot out of town during the week and people who recognize T and I as a couple have been camped out at our house on weekends. So, my "alone time" with E has been, more or less, "Hey baby, why don't you come a little zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz." (passes out asleep) So, basically, I'm going to explain the situation to T and hope that he understands that E and I have to work a little more on our relationship right now.

Is there a hierarchy? Sure, a bit, but mostly we just focus on talking with one another and not doing things behind backs that might cause a fuss.
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