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My name is Mike. I'm 26, and living in the Albany area of NY. I'm of average and slightly athletic build, and like to eat healthy. I am taking a break from school, and trying to get settled in life right now. I am divorced, and still in the process of starting over, so ya. I'm looking for an emotionally exclusive, sexually open relationship. I'm an experienced swinger, and enjoy many different flavors of sexual activities. I am seeking somebody who can keep up with me sexually, enjoys or at least tolerates my nerdy hobbies, and has goals in life. You should be able to let loose during the weekend, and return to school or work with no issues once Monday morning rolls around. I would like to find someone I can both share life with because of similarity, as well as learn something from due to differences. I do not wish to date myself, but I also want something in common with my partner. I value intelligence, maturity and honesty. The eight things I find important, and necessary to any successful relationship are honesty, dedication, passion, compromise, trust, understanding, communication, and balance. I never give more than I get back in return, and I learned that lesson the hard way. A potential partner should be of the same mindset. You all can feel free to shoot me a private message if you wish to know more. A friend of mine gave me the address for this site, and I'm excited to see how it plays out. Thanks.
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