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Originally Posted by polyFM View Post
...she asked me if I'm seeing anyone else. I told her I see dead people, and then she wanted a serious answer. So I told her we should save that conversation for when we're face-to-face, instead of over the phone. Not because I'm avoiding anything, but because I'd rather talk about that stuff in person! Then the conversation trailed off and she sent me a text amounting to the death of our 1-day romance...

Oh and I had a window open in the Relationships board, typing up a question "Ladies - if you were monogamous, how would you want a poly guy to reveal his cards?", anticipating the conversation. But then BAM! shattered D:
Well, that would seem a good reason why most poly peeps advise getting the truth out about being poly right away. Personally, I wouldn't have avoided the answer as you did, but would've had a good one prepared. But in a recent thread, you said you were "flying solo at the moment." Are you in a relationship right now? Or did you just want to save talking about poly for when you'd see her in person?
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