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Damn poly that sucks *hugs*

I'm in a bad mood today. I wanted to take B out to eat on Sunday because it's the 2 year anniversary of when we started dating. But all she wants to do is sit at home so it's up to me to get rid of our roommate and his friends for the day so I can do something romantic. Also it feels like she always gets what she wants no matter what and she only takes other peoples' feelings into account after the fact. I mean she's always willing to go hang out with her friends and spend hours sitting at school waiting for the guy she likes to have free time to talk to her but whenever I wanna go out and do something she doesn't wanna go. And I'm tired of being stuck at the house all day with nothing to do. She always has the car at school and I don't have a cell phone. All of my friends are at school too and I don't feel welcome there since our ex is there and B's man friend is there and he feels awkward talking to her if I'm around. It just blows. I have to sit around the house all day replaying the same video games over and over and staring at the internet. All I want is to go out on a date every once in awhile but she's too tired every day to go out with me and we don't get alone time at the house because our roommate is always here or B's stoner friends are always here.
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