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Default it's ok for her, but not for me....

hi everyone, so i'm kind of new here, and i'm dealing with a problem. I've been ok with being poly for a while now, but my girlfriend is only a couple months in. She has always felt attraction to girls. I have always liked the idea, and told her so. She is currently in the works of seeing another girl, and told me that she has feelings for another guy. I'm ok with all of it, I love the whole idea of compersion, but I feel as though it's one sided. It seems like when I even mention going out with a couple of our poly friends to hang out or of course for sex, she gets upset and bursts into tears. I feel as though i'm ok with being poly but only she's allowed to act on it. And on the flipside, she's not totally ok with it yet, i'm not allowed to do anything for fear of her being upset.

i'm so frustrated, and just need a couple outsider's advice. Thankyou
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