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Originally Posted by chatteringsilence View Post
Hi Folks,

I am a single woman working to open her heart and mind and am doing some challenging of old, outdated, messages and conceptions regarding love, intimacy, relationships, and trust.

I was in a relationship with a woman, a married woman, with her husband's consent. This was working out fairly well, but she and I became more intensely connected, and he was left behind. It all became very confusing, and she has gone back to her primary relationship. At that point, I closed the door saying I COULD NOT be in a poly relationship with her. I am coming to realize that the COULD NOT is my own shit. It is heavily related to old messages and violations of trust. I also know in my heart that I love this woman dearly...and frankly I love (but am not attracted to) her husband. I am not sure that she and I will get back together, but I know that I am unwilling to let my old, generally unevaluated crap, hold me back from loving others....

So I'm reading, talking, thinking, writing....and joining this group. I doubt I'll be very vocal, but I look forward to learning from you.

Thanks for being here!
The introspection is awesome!! So few really take the time to think, listen, and learn and then do something about it.. KUDOS!!
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