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Default Baby Blues vs. PP Depression

Originally Posted by Red0824 View Post
postpartum, not sure if I have it...
The "baby blues" are the hormonal changes that happen during the 1st 2-3 weeks after the baby is born as the body transitions from the pregnant to the non-pregnant state. Post-Partum Depression has the same symptoms as Major Depressive Disorder but occurs anytime in the 1st year after the baby is born. People with a history of clinical depression are at increased risk for PP depression. "Baby Blues" will resolve as the hormone levels return to normal, however, if these feelings have persisted since before the baby was born you may want to talk to someone.

In my clinic we use the "Edinburgh Postpartum Depression Scale" (EPDS) to identify women at increased risk for PP Depression (a Google search should find the questionnaire) and then the PHQ-9 (Patient Health Questionnaire) to help make a diagnosis.

Originally Posted by Red0824 View Post
Should I see a therapist? I feel like I should. It may help me organize my thoughts better.
Whether or not you have PP depression, talking to a therapist is never a bad idea if you have shit going on in your life! - and boy, do you have stuff going on. (I tell my clients - "There is nobody's life that is SOOOO perfect that there is NOTHING in their life that couldn't benefit from talking over with an objective observer." - Not that everyone NEEDS therapy...but we ALL have shit going down in our lives - even if seems petty... and your situation does not seem petty to me at all.)
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