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Originally Posted by arrowhead View Post
So it sounds as if you and your hubby were able to make some progress and that counseling worked for you. I am happy for you. I must ask though - since you are on a poly forum, I assume you are a poly. Is your husband? How are you making this part of your relationship work? I also assume he's not a pagan?? I have noticed that most people into scouts are usually involved in churches and are not pagan (just my sense of it).

I am in southern CA around Orange County. It would be nice to find some people that I could be more comfortable around as you have. If you have any pointers, please let me know.
I'm just down the street from Knot's Berry Farm.

We aren't currently poly, but I'm open to it - long story on how I ended up here. I stay for a number of reasons, but one is because many of the people here have had some of the best suggestions on making a marriage work. My husband has a bff, a lady friend (through scouts), that is basically his best friend. She accepts the title of "sister" and gets very annoyed when others tease her about being his second wife. It is a platonic relationship, but emotionally, it goes much deeper than mere friendship.

He is not pagan! Me, I'm kinda floating, still Christian in basic faith (but don't want to associate myself with any "church" or even the title of Christian), with very pagan leanings. Still new to the idea and still doing research. Actually, most scouts are Mormon. Our troop isn't, but most are because the church demands participation, assigns leaders and pays for it as I'm sure you may know.

As far as finding a group, it would depend on what activities/hobbies you enjoy. Like I said, I joined Scottish re-enactment group that performs at the Renaissance Faire and found I have more in common with these people than anyone I've ever met at church. It took me a year of researching different things and attending new and different functions. I asked questions, looked at websites, etc. This group just clicked for me and now I have some awesome friends. Before nearly ALL my friends were somehow connected to my husband, either through church or scouts. I decided that had to also change.

If you like to sail, go down to the marina on a Saturday morning and ask if anyone needs extra hands, someone is always looking for extra bodies to crew on a boat. If you like to shoot, take a class and the local shooting ranges usually have event nights, etc. It won't happen overnight, but getting involved in new activities really helps developing a life outside of "church". If you like ancient weapons and artisan type crafts, woodworking, metal, etc. I know a few groups... PM me we can talk more.
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