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Genealogy is a passion of mine, so I am grateful to the Mormons for all their archiving and record-keeping, but when I used to visit an LDS library, it was clear to me from what I observed that it is indeed a cult. My theory is that Joseph Smith was basically schizophrenic and suffered from hallucinations, but somehow a huge religion came out of that, and it continues. I suspect that somewhere deep in the LDS organization, a few people are making lots of money.

I have come across forums and website for excommunicated (or disfellowshipped?) Mormons. I don't have any links right now but I recall seeing a very supportive community. I have a friend whose whole family was shunned by the Jehovah's Witnesses, and she had to go through some deprogramming, too.
The Church is very rich. What else would you expect when 6 million members are expected to tithe 10% of their income; that's usually interpreted as gross income BTW. Of course, many of the church hierarchy are rich. As an aside, and few people know this outside Salt Lake City, but the church is funding a billion dollar mall right next to temple square there. They want control of the whole area. Image is extremely important to them.

There are two main support forums for exmormons. I belong to both but really am only involved in one: There are a lot of atheists there and I would say that is the predominant view. There are a few pagans but I haven't talked to any of them yet. I think I will make a more concerted effort in this area.
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