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Originally Posted by Claviger View Post
I would love to have two two-hour blocs of time with my wife every week where there are no distractions and we're completely focused on each other.
Tell her this!

Speak up for what YOU need to avoid the emotional crashes. I used to complain constantly that my husband was never home, he was too busy, I never saw him, etc. All he heard was Blah, Blah, Blah. His solution was to be "home" more but totally engrossed in the computer or on the phone, which left me feeling even more alone. I finally just said "I need quality time with you or I start to feel disconnected. Schedule some time for just us, even if it's just a drive down to the beach at 9pm". It was like a light bulb finally went off and he got it.

Check out information on "non-violent communication"
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