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We tried to go into it with eyes wide open, but it turned out we’d misjudged things with regard to our girlfriend’s true desires. She was more into me than she’d let on. That being the case, she wasn’t ultimately comfortable with the limitations of the situation.

The WTDM happened when we brought her with us on vacation, to a little cabin way up in the mountains. There had been a, shall we say, awkward moment in bed that night and after she thought we’d gone to sleep (the beds there are barely big enough for two) she packed up and left.

My girl, we’ll call her Lucy, went out to explain to her that driving down that mountain in the middle of the night at the start of a snowstorm was rather a bad idea. Eventually we got her back inside for the night, but the next day was the last we saw of her. She disappeared from our lives, hid from us online, etc. None of that was terribly surprising, as we’d been discovering vast swaths of dishonesty, and had already concluded that we weren’t gonna be able to make this work with her. But we did think we had hoped that we could wind it down a bit more gracefully.

Which is why I figured it’d be years before anything like this happened again, if it ever did. But oh hey look, it’s been a few years… my how they go by!
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