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Wait wait wait... Nerd - you actually MET someone from!

Does this officially mark the "first connection made"?!?

Well that would just make my day .

Today marks the first time in a while that I've approached a woman cold. I was walking out of Target, she was walking in, our eyes met, we both said "Hi" at the same time, I got in my car kicking myself for not saying anything, said "fuck it" and then drove up to the door, parked my car, and walked in like I knew what I was doing (pfft). She saw me and asked me if I forgot something teasing-like, and I said "yeah, to talk to you" (now I wish I would have said "yeah, your number!" but I'm not that witty). So now we're having breakfast on Saturday! I was shaking on the inside from the excitement but somehow resurrected the mojo from my salad days... and it feels fan-tastic. There's nothing quite like that womanly energy... if only I could bottle it up and save it for the rainy days :/

Maybe I'll refer to her as "Lovely"

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