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Talking Hello Everyone! :D

Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all. Felt like coming onto a polyamory forum because I have some questions but I'll save those for the appropriate areas.

So I'm a bi-sexual poly woman who is married to a straight and newly discovered poly man. I've always known I've been polyamorous and always thought it was wrong until a met a .. I don't know what the term is for this kind of relationship but it was two V's. XD Two straight woman and two straight men.. (V and triad are the only terms I know D. I am obviously new to the vernacular haha!) When I met them it instantly felt okay to be open to the idea. I never came out to any one, though when the topic was brought up I always subtly defended it. I've always wanted a triad myself and after joking about it with my husband about getting a girlfriend he began to ask me seriously. I hold nothing back and I told him that I would love to have relationship with him and a woman and for him to have relationship with me and her. Surprisingly he didn't react negatively for it and just began asking me lots of questions like "What if just me and her are having sex, or not even that, what if us two just went out on a date? Would you get jealous?" I told him no I wouldn't not if we're all in a relationship together, just as long as he didn't get jealous in return and neither if she didn't either.

So after a while we are fully open to the idea and are currently looking for the 3rd piece to our puzzle :3.

But enough about that, I'm suppose to be introducing myself >:3. I am a 22 year old, married college student, studying Media Arts and Animation. I love drawing, its my passion! I really want to be a conceptual design artists for animated films or for video games. Following that I LOVE video games, movies, animated movies, and anime. Legend of Zelda is my personal all time favorite game series. How to Train Your Dragon is my favorite 3D animated film, Howl's Moving Castle is my favorite 2D animated film, don't have a favorite anime series or live action movie. X3 I have two cats, two female balls of cuddly love named Cerridwen and House. Cerridwen just goes by Kiki though. Keekers and mayonaise are also her nicknames. (Kiki is my baby if you couldn't tell XD House is my husband's baby).

I'm married to a loving man whom I've finally been able to be completely open with. I met him at an anime convention(we had matching cosplays). We are both studying the same major and love doing all the same things. Except he wants to be a director :3.

uhh... well if there's anything you want to know just ask?
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