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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I went to a kink conference this past weekend and one of the classes offered was called "Monogamy without shame." I asked my primary and secondary if we should go crash it.
I love this. I would love to crash a class like now!

A friend and his (now ex) girlfriend were asking about one of my boyfriends whilst out for drinks with myself and the other who I have been dating significantly longer (at some point I'm going to have to give them names this is confusing...). If there wais something they 'like' better about the boyfriend I have been longer they announce 'And that's why he's boyfriend number one'. A couple of months later when out with the same friend but other boyfriend we ended up having a discussion as to whether or not I should break up with 'boyfriend one' temporarily and the ask him out again so that 'boyfriend 2' could get a fair chance at being boyfriend number one.
Just for clarification: to me they are not boyfriend number 'one' and 'two' in a ranking system type was to me they are both primary realtionships of great importance.
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