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JaneQSmythe--thanks for your thoughtful response. You asked if I'd be open to connecting w my wife's GF. It's not off limits, but it's not the focus of my/our attention. It seems like such a stretch to imagine this sort of triad, where all three joyfully like/love/f**k one another and somehow manage all the various issues and emotional needs, but if by chance life offers me such a rare gift, I would hopefully accept it graciously. But this is getting way ahead of reality. At this point my wife still seems reluctant to pursue a GF, for all the right, rational reasons. I don't want to push her. In fact, part of the rush would be if/when she tells me that she really wants/needs a GF. That's a message I would love to hear, but that has to come from her heart, it can't be forced.
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