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Originally Posted by SoCalDoc View Post
So how do you understand/explain the arousal response to polyamory? To be clear, I'm not talking about picturing my wife having sex w another person (although that's one of my favorite fantasies, w either gender) -- rather I'm talking about feeling very aroused just by the thought of her falling in love w another woman. It's such a curious reaction..
Seeing her happy turns you on - or the thought of seeing her happy and giddy. Does it turn you on when she comes home all excited about a new hobby or activity? I get this way with my husband (we are not in a poly relationship at the moment). I like seeing him all excited about something, so that's what I see when I let my mind wander into the realm of possibilities. Then I have to come back to reality and realize we aren't ready for that just yet - reality just bites sometimes.
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