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Default Sorry

I really am sorry for how I was acting. I have a tendency of "having my hackles" go up when I don't like what is being said about a loved one. Been doing that since I was a kid. Clearly I have a lot of mental issues.

At least I can say that insanity runs in the family

He and I did talk a lot last night and today, and he apologized for pressuring me. I kinda interpreted to be pressuring. I guess the tendency to start catostrophising is something I really need to work on.

But thank you everyone for trying to help. Yes you all might be as nycindie put it "all random strangers to you, answering posts on a message board", but you are still someone who was willing to take the time and wanting to help.

I do look forward to befriending any and all on here (since I only have 2 actual supportive friends in real life).

Really, thank you for making the effort. It just proves that the world really isn't out to get me.
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