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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I don't think that anyone trying to find terminology that offers a perspective other than hierarchical necessarily means they are afraid or trying to create something artificial in relationships. Obviously, some words or ideas seem like flimsy substitutes that don't mean anything different, but does that mean we have to settle for terms that don't sit well with us?
I sort-of disagree. You are looking at this specific thread. I am looking at the overall trend that happens. My default thinking, is people can pick and choose what words suit them. Customize their language, so to speak. Nothing wrong with that at all, like you mentioned.

Here is the difference, and where the slippery-slope begins : It`s one thing to choose your own words for yourself, it`s another thing, to put those words on people in your life, and those you meet. It very much becomes ' You can`t use those words around me.'
The hiding, and hoop-jumping snowballs. Then it becomes some type of quest to banish the word from popular use.
Are you on a mission to dismantle the use of polyamory ? Or, anchors ? lol,...probably not. What you are evoking, is personal choice. Where as with most of these type of 'word' threads, there is an agenda starting to take place.
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