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Does he tell you and show you that he loves you? My husband does that all the time, so when I tell him I'm feeling jealous he kind of feels like there's not much more he can say or do that he hasn't said or did. I've learned exactly how to approach the jealousy issue with him though as not to make him feel guilty. In the past when I've been angry or sad and I'd approach him he sort of felt defensive and felt I was trying to make him feel guilty. And maybe I was. Now when I do feel jealous I bring it up in a very calm, rational manner, so we can have a calm, rational discussion about it. He said when I'm calmer it's easier to discuss the jealousy issue. I can also identify with what you said about getting really quiet when he talks about her. I used to get this really sad look on my face when he would talk about her. But, then I realized that was hurting him and I didn't want to hurt him or make him feel guilty for doing nothing wrong. Dealing with jealousy is definitely a process, a journey I am still on. But, I will learn and grow, and I hope you do too.
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