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Agreed nycindie. Your concerns here seem really wonky to me. I am confused as to why you would even worry about him and his sex hook up. It was just sex, she will live, he will live, fuck, people live through shit... but you, it seems, might not. I am floored that anything is a concern to you over and above your mental health.

Look, he is a person. He is human. We are all human here. Everyone knows what its like to be human. We all do and say stupid stuff from time to time and traumatize others without even knowing it. I am sure, if he is a decent person, that he can put aside his carnal needs for you be mentally healthy. At least for a time while you heal. If he can't then I would suggest that he is not the man for you any more.

It sounds like you are so in need of him to be your EVERYTHING that you are forgetting that NO one is your everything. No one ever can be... only you can be to yourself. Our only hope in life, as far as I am concerned is that others will want to share their lives with me and allow me to share their lives with them. I am the only one that is my everything.
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