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I am glad it worked out. I think most problems in relationships come from miscommunication or lack of communication. She didn't want to upset you and kept important stuff she was wrangling with to herself. Now you know that this is an issue for you both to deal with, moving forward.

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Well why I would talking about "Shouldn't" feel that way, is because they are selfish feelings, they are jealous feelings and I've always felt that poly people should be able to better deal and address a lot of that stuff.
People who are in poly relationships are not above being human. Poly people are not more evolved than anyone else. They may be more practiced at dealing with certain issues, over time, but when feelings come up, the best thing to do is own them and face them, not belittle yourself for having them and try to pretend you're not feeling them.
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An excellent blog post on hierarchy in polyamory:
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