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Stop worrying about what anyone here thinks of your husband. We all are experienced enough to realize that there are two sides to every story. If you feel burdened or afraid, or whatever, and express your feelings about certain circumstances in your relationship, it isn't automatic that we (all random strangers to you, answering posts on a message board) will view him as a "bad guy." Someone even mentioned inviting him here to read your thread and post, so we can get his side.

However, it does seem rather insensitive or selfish on his part to be pushing for a poly situation just one week after you were released from the hospital for a suicide attempt. Still, though we may say that this seems like a selfish act on his part, it doesn't necessarily mean we think he's a bad guy. Everyone can be selfish sometimes, everyone can feel like they've had enough of a situation and act in a way that is not caring toward others. We know he is human.

What is more of a concern is how much attention you are placing on what we think of him. You seem very focused on defending him, much more than discussing how you can take care of yourself. You are so worried about making him happy. How can you make yourself happy?
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