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He really isn't the one to blame here. If I am making it seem that way, I will apologize profusely. Yes our relationship has been rocky, but then all relationships have that at one point or another. He is the father of my children, as well as the father to our future child. (I'm not pregnant right now). But the point is that we have been through hell and back, and still survived.

Along with the fact that his mother is even more fucked up than I am, he kinda knows how the situation goes.

When we first started dating, he knew that I wasn't ok. He supported me in every way he could. But being I was the person who rejected all the help given from anyone, it wasn't easy for him.

His frustration is that he feels like an ass. He had set up some night to hook up, and my mental breakdown ruined that. It's kinda hard to explain to someone about how your wife was admitted to the mental health floor of the hospital. And this girl is caught right in the middle of it. He feels like he broke a promise to her, (something he doesn't like to do), and he feels guilty for needing to have more than just me.

He has agreed to wait on doing anything with outsiders until I have been stablized in every aspect. This means it will happen after attending several months of group therapy, doctor visits, and any adjustments to my medications, etc.

I am just trying to prepare myself and have as much information that can be given on this subject. I do understand that one can be in love with multiple people, having dealt with it from him as well as myself. (I was in love with my best friend for a few years.) Please don't blame him for this. It was not his intention to make me feel like I did/do.
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