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I posted some stuff months ago and was 'repremanded' for 'using' all those damn asterichs (*)... allbeit inadvertently. I get bounced off a lot as my service is sketchy...
If I post again I'll appologize ahead of time for the ****'s, cuz it's way to frustrating to have my significantly self edited writings dissapeare after taking so long to get what I am trying to say.... out.
I am always signed in to but have lost postings or replies when I loose service it seems.
I also can't seem to access the sites spell check.... OBVIOUSLY!!! :0

redpepper- I do like my iPhone but I am not touting that I have one... it is an older version so I thought in mentioning that, it might have some relevance, that's all. It is a smart phone though, and waaaayy smarter than I.
Thanks for all of your thoughts. IG
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