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Mid 30's Poly guy, in a relationship with my wife of 6+ years and my girlfriend of just over 6 months. I've been "poly" since I seriously started dating, starting back in high school. However all this is pretty new to my wife, she's been in "open" or whatever type relationships and for the first half of ours it was an "it's ok for her, but she was afraid of me" to have extra marital partners, I tried to be ok with that, found out I could not be and made some mistakes and eventually gotten to a good point with her again and working on getting everyone in our 'family' to good points. This forum has been helpful, amongst other things. It's helped me figure out the way to say things that is unjumbled from the way they might come out of my mouth, heh.

So anyway, I figured I would finally sign up. Probably the wife will too.
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