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Hello all...

its been a month since I last posted...

we have come a long way since... its really interesting how natural Polyamory feels for us. Yet there are times when its stressful and emotional and still figuring things out.

I been mainly lurking and reading your blogs and posts which I really enjoy! Thanks for sharing and helping many of newbies that stumbled across this new term and new relationship identification, new journey in our life.

I have many questions....

1) How do you manage long distance relationships?

2) How do you manage family time vs time with multiple partners?

3) Time alone (esp for those in Poly relationship) and yet to still be there for the Mono Partners.

4) Dating as couples or as group dates? plan for future lots of group dates. I asked girlfriend if she wouldnt rather be going on couple dates with hubby. she rather as group. perhaps she still needs time to adjust? I am fine both as group and as couple. hubby rather as group then he doesnt get worn out having to go on many dates. and doesnt have to reach in pocket book too deep hee.


(I wrote a longer post but will have to write more later). running out of time... perhaps it will post later.
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